We service residential, commercial and institutional clients

Services Provided asbestos removal, mould remediation

Eco-Friendly Mould Treatments and Remediation

We make house calls - no charge, no obligation

We will diagnos the problem

We will prescribe a course of treatment

We only use treatment products certified by Health Canada

Asbestos Removal

-Attic Insulation (Vermiculite)

-Boilers and Pipe Insulation

-Stipple or (Popcorn) Ceilings

-Drywall Compound

-Ceiling and Floor Tile

Attic Insulation Removal

We will remove any type of attic insulation and prepare your attic for re-insulation

Spray Foam

We can re-insulate your attic and you can take advantage of the Manitoba Hydro Power Smart rebate program


We can take care of all of your demolition needs before your renovation project begins