We service residential, commercial and institutional clients

Services Provided asbestos removal, mould remediation

Eco-Friendly Mould Treatments and Remediation

We make house calls - no charge, no obligation

We will diagnos the problem

We will prescribe a course of treatment

We only use treatment products certifiied by Health Canada

Asbestos Removal

-Attic Insulation (Vermiculite)

-Boilers and Pipe Insulation

-Stipple or (Popcorn) Ceilings

-Drywall Compound

-Ceiling and Floor Tile

Attic Insulation Removal

We will remove any type of attic insulation and prepare your attic for re-insulation

Spray Foam

We can re-insulate your attic and you can take advantage of the Manitoba Hydro rebate program


We can take care of all of your demolition needs before your renovation project begins