At the Enviro Doctors we don't give you the same mould story. We believe education is as important as remediation. Here are some tips to help you understand some mould basics, even before you take advantage of the free Air Quality Test that we offer.

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In Winnipeg and throughout Manitoba… there was widespread use of asbestos in building materials, right up until late in the eighties. From ceiling and floor tiles to insulation. Now it is the number one issue facing those who are renovating homes constructed in that era.

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When water damage occurs, it can be an overwhelming and emotional time. From a leaky roof to sink or toilet backup, leaky appliance or basement flooding... we have the tools and the people to deal with every emergency with calm and professionalism....before it also becomes a mould problem.

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Whether it’s a mould or asbestos undertaking we are involved with, more often than not, there is insulation to be removed and ultimately replaced. This is all part of the menu of services that we provide.

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We can perform demolition of interior walls, ceilings, attics, floors, kitchens, bathrooms, basements & more. And, of course, are qualified to deal with mould or asbestos situations that may emerge, so you don’t have to call in another contractor.

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Our true sales force is made up of hundreds of home and business owners throughout Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Northwestern Ontario, who have hired our services over the years. It’s best you hear about it … straight from them ….

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We are a proud Canadian company with 100% Winnipeg, Manitoba roots.  Our founder, David Ganetsky, prides himself in that aspect, including the fact that the environmentally-friendly formula we use for mould removal was developed in a Winnipeg laboratory.  We offer free air quality testing, including a follow-up test ninety days after completion of the work (we call it "our fresh air guarantee"). For general inquiries, we can be reached by phone at 204-890-4567 or via email at



Air quality testing, mould remediation, asbestos removal, structural drying due to flood damage, selective interior demolition, insulation removal and replacement


Residential, commercial and industrial customers right here in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Northwestern Ontario.


Homeowners, general contractors, renovation companies, tradespeople, demolition companies, property managers and developers, real estate agents, and environmental consultants.

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David Ganetsky has always been an entrepreneur.  While consulting in the mould remediation industry in Winnipeg in 2010, he made some intriguing discoveries.

  • Many people were accepting of the idea that mould was a common occurrence and made no link between that, and kids getting sick, unable to shake the flu, developing asthma and other respiratory illnesses. Even household pets may be affected by this
  • Medical doctors began identifying the fact that patients' symptoms disappeared when they were at work or school, and redeveloped at home
  • There were no mould specialists. Most companies of the day were using chemicals, and none specialized in mould remediation - they were simply an off-shoot of flood and fire restoration contractors

David's mindset was that something harmful should not be used to kill something that was already harmful;  and customers shouldn't be required to leave their home or business for extended periods of time while the work was being done.  So, he set out to find a better way, and began developing a product without chemicals.

After much research and trial and error mixing recipes with a biochemist, they were able to come up with a liquid product that was totally chemical free, ecologically friendly and 99.99% effective in the treatment of all the different types of mould.

In 2014, David launched 'The Mould Doctor's'.  In short order, customers who had previously been accustomed to waking up congested were now getting a good night’s sleep and not waking up tired and lethargic. In almost all cases, the mould never came back, provided that  helpful tips were followed. Result after result and ongoing lab testing, proved that this environmentally-friendly, non-toxic solution worked.

After a number of years, the company became aware of yet another health threat that was present in many older buildings:   Asbestos.   Using David's rule of "research-first", they discovered that the abatement process was highly-specialized and dangerous, with very few experts in the field.  So the next step was to get the proper training and hire individuals with some experience to become a part of their team.  Today, asbestos-testing and asbestos-related contracts are a large part of the business and Enviro Doctors is a recognized asbestos specialist.

So much so, that another re-branding of the company took place in May of 2018, when The Enviro Doctors was born.

In addition to mould remediation and asbestos abatement,  other complimentary services such as interior demolition, spray foam insulation and anti-microbial duct cleaning are also offered.



AIR MILES ® - - We are proud to offer AIR MILES® Reward Miles to all of our customers. Visit us often and watch for special promotions throughout the year!

BBB - (Better Business Bureau) - - We are a BBB accredited business - A Rating . We are a business that people can put their faith and trust in.

CSAM - (Construction Safety Association of Manitoba) - - As members, we have access to resources and training to help us maintain a safe workplace environment.

Manitoba Hydro Energy Efficiency Programs - As a registered supplier, we can enable financing and rebates for new insulation.       

PPMA - Professional Property Managers Association - - Building owners and managers can rely on our experience and excellent credentials to ensure their projects are completed professionally, on time and on budget.

WCB - (Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba) - - We are a member in good standing. We take the health and well being of our employees very seriously, therefore providing insurance coverage for them through the WCB.

Winnipeg Realtors - - We are a proud business partner, providing the association, as well as home buyers and sellers with the latest information and expertise in our industry.


Whether you simply need more information, or you have an emergency situation, our twenty-four hour response centre is at your service.